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The Zev Tech Pro Magwell is our favorite mini-CCW style magwell on the market. They certainly offer quality, but quality that is also priced accordingly. Until that model catches on – if it does – Zev will probably be better known as a manufacturer of premium Glock mods and aftermarket upgrades. And speaking of zombie killers, let’s talk about Zev Tech. Still waiting for the refund. I never fired live ammo. Although I hadn’t shot it yet, I was instantly interested in the product and went home to do a little research. ZEV slides are also lighter, which reduces recoil when cycling and enables a flatter shooting gun. Zev makes fantastic quality glock products, granted they aren't cheap when you get into barrels and slides. Let us know what you think in the comments section! Their primary niche is the Glock handgun and AR-style rifles, for which they design, produce, and distribute different components like triggers, barrels, slides, uppers, kits, and more. The ZEV AR pistol is state of the art, with custom components throughout, including fluted match barrels, ambidextrous controls, Magpul furniture, and design attributes that surpass any others in its class. They reduce friction, lighten pull, and provide you with a … I am on the end of this long road, and i can tell you this: The way itself is like a hell of a ride and very very very funny. Back to … Zev’s Z-series of Glock 9mm mods is on many a-list of ‘best custom Glocks’, and there is no question as to why that is. Designed in collaboration with Sig Sauer. Key point: Some competitive shooters joke that Glocks are great guns as long as you replace every single stock part in them. Google Carver Customs. Best of all, the company’s turnaround time is very short by industry standards. With me it was almost like the holster conundrum. Founded in 2005 by Alec Wolf, Zev Technologies began as a business that focused on competition triggers and professional shooters. Generally speaking, though, you probably don’t want to compromise your safety just to save a few bucks. The slickest racegun on the planet isn’t worth a bag of manure if it’s not reliable, especially when it comes to a pistol carried to protect human life. If gassed up pistols are your thing, you’re most likely acquainted with Zev Tech. I was playing around with a buddy's Zev at Mile High yesterday and it seemed pretty damn nice. One such case was seen at SHOT Show 2018, where Ed Brown Products unveiled their newest partnership with Zev, which culminated in the release of the Zev 1911 pistol, which is based on the Zev Dragonfly. They currently manufacture barrels for the Glock 17, 19, and 34, and many consider them to be some of the most accurate Glock barrels around. Back when they were known as NXT Generation, they claimed their items took Glock’s perfection to the next level. ZEV appears to have taken that idea and done just that. Glock’s slogan may be “Perfection”, but some of their factory products could still use an upgrade, depending on the shooter and the intended use. Home ; Shop ZEV ; Glock Parts ; Back. I love the looks of a Zev Dragonfly and would really like to pick one up. Another highly popular Glock mod is Zev’s triggers, and even more specifically their fulcrum trigger. The O.Z-9 is a full-size 9 mm pistol that uses a bunch of parts from Zev’s impressive catalog originally intended for Glocks, yet it is not a custom Glock. For less than $200, shipped, I had both sides inlayed, with 4 oval port cuts and the top edges radius cut at a 45 degree angle. ZEV is an arms maker that is primarily known for their high-performance and very aesthetically pleasing customized Glocks. Didn't get to fire any though. The completed trigger sets are not really worth 350 bucks, but if you just buy the all the springs and the minus connectors from zev, you can achive the basically the same for about 80 dollars. It has the knowhow and the experience, which translates into fine aftermarket products. The heart and soul of Zev’s Glock mods are their barrels. The MSRP for their Zev Pro triggers is between $99 – 239. Who We Are. Another popular option, which is also geared more towards the pros, is the Zev Pro series of Glock triggers, offered in flat face or curved face. Zev gets the job done. ZEV Technologies is known for making radical-looking Glocks, with slides, barrels, and triggers in pretty much every color you can imagine. You could have the most pimped-out and spec’d-out Glock in the world, and still not hit the target from seven yards away. What do y’all think?!? Too pricey and not worth the money. Fair enough. Shop Now. Available in stainless steel, black, and burnt bronze, the MSRP on these barrels is between $225 – 325, depending on the model. Zev Tech also produces replacement spring kits for beginners and competitors alike. ZEV Fulcrum. If you are not going to go pro or participate in any competitions, you may be able to find a better deal which is more suited to your needs. Previous Next. Bringing You Honest, Reliable, and Engaging Firearm News and Reviews. Its no wonder when you have to learn every two month or so a really complete new trigger for about 2 years. If you do, are these worth it? They were formerly known as NXT Generation and eventually restructured under the name Zev Technologies. Final Thoughts. What am I missing? Their products for the Glock include slides, mags, frames, barrels, triggers, sights, springs, and more. Zev has been producing highly reliable Glock mods and parts, complete pistols and AR rifles, and are considered a pillar of the shooting community. ZEV is another fixture in the competitive Glock shooting circuit and has consistently been the barrel of choice for many pro shooters. Price . 10 Round magazines WILL NOT work with this model of magwell. I don't want to get into whether Glocks are good or not so if you don't like them, stop reading. It received Zev’s stippling on the grip, under the triggerguard and along the side, above the trigger, where the support-hand thumb rests. Check out ATEi they do some great work. John Wick is sponsored by Taran Tactical, ZEV Tech is pulling out all the stops with a custom metal handgun, the ZEV Tech OZ-9, and others are watching. I boils down to two major points: -money -ir try and error. Tolerances are held tight for increased consistency in barrel lockup and slide to frame fit, giving you increased accuracy. Check out performance industries too. ZEV’s triggers are also known for a different shape of the trigger itself and a differently shaped trigger safety. Everything other when it comes to the upper is very expensive. I shot the ZEV G17 with the KKM Compensator side by side with a stock Glock 17 and I would have better luck flipping a coin to decide the difference with light handloads. ZEV OZ-9 “Glock-alike” Pistol Fires More Than One Bullet At a Time. In fact I just had a BarSto barrel fitted and asked that it be just as loose in the slide as the stock barrel. You really get a lot of pleasure out of it. No experience, but from shopping around lately I can tell you that they're definitely not cheap. For Serious Shooters. Many Glock carriers choose to modify their factory handgun to some degree. For nearly 15 years, Zev has been providing professionals and novices with some of the best Glock aftermarket products. I have had a number of Glocks with aftermarket triggers including the curved ZEV. My G34’s got an Apex trigger, Taran Tactical grand master connector kit, a super heavy tungsten guide rod, TTI competition lightening mag well, AAC threaded barrel, ZEV Tech V2 Pro Compensator, TTI mag extension, and a Trijicon RMR. The Oxnard, CA based business offers every possible modification for the Glock, including complete trigger replacement kits and slides that are cut to accept mini red dot sights (MRDS). Look what I got back on my birthday yesterday!! I have a model 34 with the Dragonfly slide & Barrel. 1. wow, was not expecting really any response let alone ones as useful as this, I think made a good decision buying a glock simply for the community here on reddit, thanks guys, will update when i decide what to do. The complete gun mods go for between $1644 – 1710, and the consumer needs only to provide the frame. At least until the really futuristic zombie killers start arriving on the scene. These slides are machined from 17-4 stainless steel billet, and are cut to much higher tolerances than standard GLOCK slides, and include DLC or PVD coatings. If you look closely, the stippling looks a tad uneven in spots, but the real beauty is in the feel. Everything else is pretty reasonably priced such as their spring kits. The steel used by Zev to create these barrels is the same steel used for the forging of match-grade rifle barrels. Other than that, it really is up for discussion. Are they really worth the money or do they just look cool? Zev claims that their triggers “have won more world championships and are in the hands of more professionals than all other aftermarket triggers combined.” That is a pretty heavy thing to live up to, but Zev seem to be on top of it. I had not seen that Zev sold a 22 conversion but the design is typical. When Glock released the Glock 17 in 1982, there were many who thought that would be a one-hit wonder. 01-18-2015, 09:12 PM #8. This straight trigger was terrible. These are offered in a variety of configurations, with different sights, finishes, coatings, slides, and other elements being made available for purchase. They are considered more high-end than other companies, and for some shooters it will not be worth the investment. Including compact sized Glocks depending on the model ordered. I want functional reliability with the replacement barrel more than some imagined greater level of accuracy. Sounds about right. But, there are other Glock aftermarket parts and services being offered by Zev Tech, ones which are making shooters more comfortable with their weapon of choice, and upping their game one mod at a time. Say what you want about polymer technology, it is here to stay. Shot placement is what it is about, and these small mods do have the potential to take your Glock skills up a notch and smoothen the operation of the gun. ZEV - ZEV initially noted that they use a proprietary rifling, but I have seen in more than one place a twist rate of 1:10 listed. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. These Glock aftermarket parts are manufactured using the finest steel(s), and you can tell that Zev put a lot of thought and care into their production. In addition to their custom Glocks, ZEV has recently begun to … It was gritty and gun just didn't cycle that great. ZEV works on Glocks every day and does it well. The sure are pretty! Required fields are marked *. yeah that's the attraction for me..they are freakin gorgeous! The only other 22 conversion kits for Glocks are AA, Tactical Solutions and Ciener. OZ9 Grips. I have had dealings with Zev's glock 17 barrel and it was amazing as well. I found a picture of a Tactical Solution mag picture on TS site. It needs to be a build which corresponds with the operator’s wants, needs, and lifestyle, and which makes for the best shooting experience, be it at the range or in the field. I got about 2 years experience with everything you can buy from zev to reduce trigger weight. ZEV created the market for high end GLOCK upgrade parts and continues to offer the most extensive catalogue. Sorry if this has been beaten to death but are these worth the money? Sometimes it is a higher price tag, and you should seek out the best possible deal. Complete custom gun mods are also available and they are named the Z17, Z19, and Z34, corresponding with their Glock counterparts of the same number. level 1 A New Age of Modularity. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Zev Performance Comes To The Micro Compact Platform Shop Now. Zev makes fantastic quality glock products, granted they aren't cheap when you get into barrels and slides. That being said, one can easily tell the difference between a stock Glock trigger and this beautiful work of art by Zev Tech. Zev’s Z-series of Glock 9mm mods is on many a-list of ‘best custom Glocks’, and there is no question as to why that is. For suggestions, collaborations, or requests, contact [email protected], Your email address will not be published. In recent years, Zev Tech has been collaborating with other manufacturers, and this has led to the creation of some of the most unique and eye-catching weapons available. Compensators have become very popular to run on handguns but is it really worth it? … Love mine. As far as Zev goes, I have the Zev slide stop, Zev trigger spring kit with their 2 pound race connector hooked up to an Apex trigger shoe and trigger bar combo and it is by far the best Glock trigger I've ever dealt with. This is one of the key differences with working with a company like ZEV versus an amateur. Zev built the Spartan package I received on a customer-supplied G19 frame. Everything else is pretty reasonably priced such as their spring kits. Leave it or take it. Best of all, the company’s turnaround time is very short by industry standards. I have had dealings with Zev's glock 17 barrel and it was amazing as well. Just recently purchased a glock 17L and wanted to get the sides milled and the top cut for a sight, after looking around a bit i found zev tech and was wondering if any one had any experience with them, what are their prices like turnaround time etc. #tacticalguardian #girlsandguns #glock #tarantactical #stippledglock #gunsdaily #engraving #guns #girlswithguns #pewpew #2a #2ndamendment #shooting #glockgirl #gunporn #gunsofinstagram #shooter #oregunian #glock34 #builtnotbought #pewpewpew #igmilitia #molonlabe, A post shared by Missy Tuttle (@_missy_lynn_) on Jan 19, 2019 at 3:41pm PST. Aftermarket products are in abundance nowadays, whether it is for handguns, rifles, or shotguns. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Over time, their customer base has expanded to include military personnel, law enforcement agencies/departments, and your everyday shooter. Prices are good, turn around time isn't bad either. Known for its top-shelf Glocks, Zev Technologies has turned its attention to Sig Sauer with two complete pistols and a load of upgrades. Magwells. Sam is an avid firearms enthusiast who loves sharing his knowledge and experience with fellow gunivores. Shop Now. For nearly 15 years, Zev has been providing professionals and novices with some of the best Glock aftermarket products. Zev also produces accessories such as storage cases for your gun or rifle, tool kits for maintenance and repairs, gun grease, and even clothing. These are known for their serious capabilities, and they have been used by different world champions over the years. The entire turn around time was about 2 1/2 weeks and the best part was talking directly to the man in charge when calling to check on my order. No wonder it was recalled (and no wonder real Glocks are so popular). Some of these products are like a one-hit wonder on the radio: they make a splash, but quickly disappear. The ZEV Fulcrum triggers are available for both large and standard frame Glocks and represent one of the best trigger upgrades on the market. I prefer ghost myself (edge connector). Junior Member Join Date Dec 2014 Posts 20 Rep Power 0. Seems like a 1911 style pistol would blow this gun away with performance. Featured Categories. Awesome work and super quick ( 7day ) turn around on both frame and slide work. As always, it comes down to the weapon’s operator. But usually the new geometries tend to push the tolerances of what can be safely used in a pistol. The ZEV triggers are competition and duty-oriented triggers. Most Zev products are considered more expensive, and this could potentially deter certain customers. New Sig Pistols. Remember, they started off as a company which was geared towards professionals. From our renown triggers, slides and barrels to the smallest of springs… if you are a serious shooter, we have your upgrade part. Shop ZEV. Barrels. @tbt to when supermodel @theamyrobbins graced our cover Hair: @theelliemaedoll Makeup: @effortless_statement Stylist: @williejohnson3 Clothing: @pink_lucy Gun: @zevtech @glockofficial #sureshot #austinsureshots #gungirls #shootlikeagirl #sureshotsmag #gungirl #gungirls #girlsandguns #girlswhoshoot #sureshotsmagazine #shootingsports #3gun #girlthings #girlsandknives #girlsandrifles #girlsandshotguns #rangecouture #girlgang #whererecoilmeetsvogue #sureshots, A post shared by Sure Shots Mag (@sureshotsmag) on Sep 6, 2018 at 6:23pm PDT. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Some less reputable drop-in Glock triggers effectively disable some safeties when used, though most reputable brands (which ZEV is one of) do not. I sent my G35 slide there for cuts and cerakote and I have been extremely pleased. Compatible Glocks: G19, G23, G38, and G32. but no idea about performance... Glock Addict. Although I own a few Glocks, I was able to shoot them just fine and had never even considered upgrading the triggers. Your email address will not be published. I am not some star-struck fanboy, but I do feel that Glock pistols are pretty darn good right out of the box. Slides. But, when you got this way, the buying a spring here and a connector there, you are on a long journey my friend. Purchasing aftermarket products depends on the intended use, on your subjective experiences with your gun, and – lest we forget – on your budget. I also had some reliability issue with the heavier spring with light loads; swapping over to the light spring solved that issue. ZEV works on Glocks every day and does it well. Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. Zev gets the job done. Isn't it cute #zevglock17 #silencerco #dsgarms #gundose #gunchannels #gunfreaks #gunspictures #sickguns #jillhensley #weaboutthatgunlife #tacticaltuesday, A post shared by Jill Hensley Butler (@jill.hensley) on May 16, 2017 at 6:06am PDT. Bobby Carver does fantastic work for a great price with awesome turnaround time. I got to handle a few ZEV Glocks yesterday at the local range. Would really like one in 9mm. New for 2106, ZEV has released their stainless steel “Prize Fighter” windowed slide for Gen 3 and Gen 4 GLOCKs. ZEV Duty Slides. But when you go all in, don't buy the drop in ones. It’s designed to fit gen 3 and 4 Glocks. The only thing I would change without hesitation is the factory sights. The ZEV Fulcrum Ultimate Trigger Kit has been used to set multiple world records. I found a picture of the Zev magazine on PSA. New OZ9c Hyper-Comp. Ruger Firearms Company History and Review. Zev’s barrels, triggers, and slides are made specifically for the Glock 9mm pistols, and they are undoubtedly their most popular items. High-end, high-performance Glocks have been their thing for some time with specimens that look as good as they perform. This is not to say that their products are solely for competitive shooters, but it is safe to say that their products are meant for more serious shooters. The MSRP for their fulcrum trigger upgrades is between $150 – 260. Now, this is not to say that your average shooter won’t benefit from a match-grade trigger such as this, but it is certainly not a necessity of any kind. Zev Tech recently introduced a gun they have been working on for 12 years – their very own O.Z-9 in 9mm. And old discussion i had regarding zev: FLY. @tacticalguardian custom laser stippled the frame and engraved the slide to match my tattoo. This trigger was in the gun 5 minutes and I took it out and sent it back to Optics Planet for a refund. Shop Now. ZEV machines its slides from 17-4 stainless steel and coats them with a DLC finish enabling high durability. New Web-Exclusive Slides. Again, these are not necessities for the everyday shooter, but when properly implemented they can provide you with that much-needed edge. I'm looking to upgrade my 33 without investing in a whole trigger system I have found ghost inc and zev connector and spring set all spring # are the same both have part any input would help thanks Sent from my iPhone using Glock Forum. Their slide milling options may not be as "sexy" as Zev, but much more functional. Triggers . It made a huge weight difference and the cerakote job has held up fantastically for the last 3 years with considerable holster time. And i just mean the springs and connectors. The company’s philosophy revolves around the idea that a firearm operator should be in possession of the best possible build for their weapon, and that factory products are not always the best choice. I think the Tactical Solution mag might be worth trying. I have STI Rangers and a Brazo Edge. There are companies which are not able to replicate the success of one of their products, and are forever branded as a single-item kind of outfit. Slide elements, pins, mag and slide releases, stippling and texturing services, magazine base-pads and magwells, right down to springs, wrenches, and optics-mounting solutions – these are all being engineered and produced by Zev for different Glock models (not strictly the 9mm). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ZEV Core Elite Rifles. Also, the hexagonal rifling on the Glocks appeared to be more forgiving on less premium reloads, but the KKM barrel provided significantly better accuracy than stock with Hornady XTP bullets zipping down the barrel. This is precisely why Zev went into business to begin with. Well, history has proven them wrong, and Glock is still as popular as it ever was. Pistols ; Rifles ; Sig Parts ; Glock Parts ; Rifle Parts ; Gear ; Narrow By 192 Products . I have after market barrels in my 45 ACP Glocks but they are for the tighter chambers (I reload) and lead alloy bullets, not for more accuracy. DIY Glocks are a Subculture Glock modifications can mean just a few small tuning parts that make the world of difference, or they can be a whole lot of work that turns a plastic gun into a $2,000+ piece of jewelry.

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