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Now that the lock has been paired with HomeKit, you will be able to use it with HomeKit Automations. Get an iPhone 12 mini + Unlimited Data for $60/mo, See the temperature of every room in your home with these HomeKit sensors, Add AirPlay 2 to your audio setup with these connected receivers, Set the mood in your home with the best dimmer switches for HomeKit. Works with August Home App Best HomeKit Door Locks iMore 2021. The August Smart Lock Pro works with your existing deadbolt, replacing only the interior plate, and leaving the exterior side of your lock and the bolt itself unchanged. The $229 August Smart Lock Pro is a Bluetooth-enabled smart lock. Works with most standard deadbolts August Smart Lock Pro is compatible with most single-cylinder deadbolts, and allows you to keep existing hardware and keys. If this is the only smart product you ever plan on buying, save the extra money and get the base model. It’ll even lock itself when you leave. Not having these requirements could lead to vulnerabilities. The keypad allows you to create multiple unique entry codes from your smartphone, which you can give to friends and guests and disable at any time. August Smart Lock + Connect, Satin Nickel 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,216. The HomeKit Hub can be an iPad, AppleTV (4th Generation or higher), or Apple HomePod. Create HomeKit Automations. If you aren't, the process is still the same. Connect with August App. The process for creating HomeKit Automations is covered in. Pair the Smart Lock Pro with Alexa, the Google Assistant, or Siri, to enable voice commands that lock, unlock, and check the status of your door. Open the August Home App on your iPhone or iPad. Control your door and keep track of who comes and goes, all from your phone. Then choose the Room you want to assign the lock. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Finally, there's the Doorbell Cam Pro which, it will not surprise you to learn, is a camera that you place at your front door. If you don't need HomeKit functionality and want a less expensive lock, there's always the standard August Smart Lock. All the functionality does come with a price tag that can shock the wallet. Then choose the "Lock Settings" option for the lock you want to pair with HomeKit. It also means that you can create different automation instructions for the Smart Lock Pro, such as automatically locking or unlocking when you leave or arrive at your home. This process is completed through the August Home App. Please note that we have censored the code for our lock. The app wouldn't connect to the lock using my Nexus 6P or my Oneplus 6. How Do I Use the August Smart Lock Pro with Apple HomeKit. The August Smart Lock Pro Connect has it all. No Contract Alarm Monitoring starting at $10 a month! August Smart Lock Pro + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, 3rd Gen Technology - Dark Gray, Works with Alexa, Homekit & Zwave 4.2 out of 5 stars 7,250. You can then control the lock remotely using an iPhone. The August Smart Lock Pro offers both convenience and security, with HomeKit support bringing additional features that enhance your home's security. But this is not recommended. Time to upgrade! And this isn't a setting, but rather something that's required in the name of better security. I'd personally never use a smart lock without requiring it to ask for permission before it unlocked my door. August Smart Lock Pro + Connect, 3rd gen technology — $129.99 (List Price $229.99) Schlage Encode Wi-Fi Touch Screen Deadbolt — $207.33 (List Price $249.99) August Smart Lock … These annoyances are a part of the experience for every smart lock that you use with the HomeKit system, but rather than seeing them as reasons not to use the August or any other smart lock with Apple's system, I see them as reasons that you absolutely should use them with HomeKit. Set up is a breeze! This lock is compatible with all the major smart-home platforms, including Apple HomeKit. The convenience also extends past the smart features, and into the literal setup. Want to keep the tunes flowing as you walk into your home theater? Or do you want to build your own surround sound system using your existing AirPlay 2 speakers? We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. $249.95 All Colors ... (1 Pro + 1 Beacon) Apple HomeKit. In order to do this, the August Smart Lock Pro must be kept within Bluetooth range (10 to 15 feet) of the dedicated HomeKit Hub at all times. Get your report with the best HomeKit temperature sensors around. Complete the following steps to start pairing the August Smart Lock Pro with Apple HomeKit: 1. The August Smart Lock Pro is Apple HomeKit enabled. It allows you to see what's going on at your front door, and it alerts you when someone rings it, displaying live video and allowing you to, if necessary, unlock your August Smart Lock to let them in without answering the door yourself. Smart locks are all about simplicity, and there’s no simpler solution than the August WiFi Smart Lock.

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