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In an odd coincidence, I have completed three anime that open with a similar premise – Toward the Terra, Xam’d: Lost Memories, and No.6.They are each about a late teen living a good life, free of worries, when an … 6 Genre: Drama Company: Bones Format: 11 episodes Dates: 8 Jul 2011 – 16 Sep 2011 Synopsis: Shion is a bright boy living in the controlled utopia No. 6 is really trying to accomplish by implanting people with parasitic wasps...well Nezumi just wants to destroy No.6(but anyways). 3 February 2019 1920 × 1080 No. The storyline is incredibly deep, and relatable to how we actually are becoming. 6 starts as the tale of a dystopian society. 6 is science fiction the way it’s meant to be—boundary pushing … and completely spellbinding.” 6 breaks typical sci-fi convention - in films like Equilibrium or Book of Eli, those who oppose the system are good, almost bleached out guys. Even so, it couldn’t hurt to try a sip, could it? Average I suppose. FAQ What a way to start the year! After spending a rainy night with his new friend, Shion discovers the next morning that Nezumi has left and disappeared without a trace. Animegun Face. 6 woud’ve been godly. 6 has action and suspense--and a little gore--that draws you into the story of a futuristic world that has been ravaged by natural disasters, leaving only six colonies spread throughout the world, with the sixth being the most secretive and overprotective. issues about what is is to be human, how we can evolve or not, how we make our own place in the world and most importantly how we deal and interact with others that come into our lives even for just a few minutes... for the series. But since I wasn't very sure about what I should give for the story element, I decided that No.6's Story should get something between 7.5 and 8. I always wanted to know what happened next. Privacy AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Animegun Sub. 6, in spite of the fact that the titles are similar. 6 – Anime Review. The core theme is also interesting, as it has to do with a weird insect that turns its victims to mummies, and the authorities doing their best to hide its existence and even imprison eye witnesses as anarchists. Next Image. Like most future dystopian stories, there are things you want to know that both drive you crazy but also make the world even more fascinating. No.6 In a near future world, after the last great war, most of mankind lives in a handful of city states. Sound: While watching No.6, I enjoyed the soundtrack. Of course, after he learns what No. 6's final volume manages to be uplifting at the same time that it is taking vast swathes of pages to essentially just explain the truth about both the city and the story's world. For this reason, I gave Sound 8 out of 10. Although this review is being posted in January 2013, No. 6, promises to reveal to Shion why he hates Shion's former home, and why Shion should too. That certainly has to count for something. It is an 11 episode series with an apparent complicating setting and cast, yet most of them were nothing more than a slow paced and uneventful bonding between the two main characters. This is the page for the manga adaption of the No. 6 book. The No. As if it were to be swam in by a god. I thought I was in for a good treat. It reminded me a little bit of the animes created in the nineties and early two thousands. And hey, they somehow survive and found hope to continue living! However, (as you may have guessed) the eleven episodes did not unravel all these mysteries, and though several were solved, there were still a variety of questions about the plot left unfinished. Regardless of some reviews, this is NOT boy love at all! It wasn't bad, but I didn't like the opening or ending. Second, it's only eleven episodes, so you can already assume that the plot won't be perfect. A manga adaptation drawn by Hinoki Kino began serialization in the March 2011 issue of Kodansha's Aria magazine. Because they are THAT generic.There are a few secondary characters too, like a dog-breeder who keeps giving these weird moral speeches about humans and animals not being that different, a thing that has fooled many to still believe the show is about the meaning of life and not your more that typical gay crap. Read 57 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Aside from that the art work, music, and characters were very well done. To me, Nezumi and Shion's interactions were better than the overarching plot. It also made them seem more life like and you get to see different sides of Shion and Nezumi. dramas with the twist of holding a wanted fugitive in your home without knowing the consequences. Privacy Settings Of course this is all unrequitted lover on her part because of the Shounen ai vibes between Nezumi and Shion. 6 starts as the tale of a dystopian society. It was more like a serious movie of the little mermaid mixed with jurrasic park. But I just love this anime so much, it will make you cry! Sion is a bright teenager living a comfortable and promising life inside No. Of course, both Nezumi and Shion look very cute. 6 because of a recommendation I received based on the fact that I enjoyed an anime called Fractale —and it turns out the recommendation is more apt than I … Each volume covers a novel and the manga adaption was completed in the December 2013 issue of Aria. The authorities find out and banish Shion and his mother to a lower sector of the city. That is why there was a 70% drop of viewership midway, once they realized they were being trolled. But then again, everyone has different tastes and this just may not be your cup of tea. Amazing animation, lovely voice work--even in the English dub--and great story line. Blue Submarine no. Which do you prefer?). Cookie More emphasis should have been put on Safu's character if she was going to be more important to the plot later. It’s as if the main conflict doesn’t even matter and instead of dealing with a threat that can wipe out humanity, we instead get unexciting slice of life. The female schoolmate on the other hand tries to find the truth behind the bug attacks. Episode 11 does not exist in my mind. Yet a few episodes later, all that is trashed for a done-to-death stereotypical gay relationship between the main two characters. 6 is a historically interesting series, marking both an early success in computer-heavy anime production and Gonzo's first foray into anime, but it merits recognition based purely on its own merits. 6 book. 6 has really been up to he (naturally) gets upset, but that was another part where I though there needed to be more time spent on. Shi… It was acceptable as a plot premise. None of these are good things normally :'( Sad reality of Short Anime. A dorky meek high school kid with a heart of gold and an anti-hero of sorts wrongfully accused by the authorities. ميزنا بعضنا البعض عن طريق العرق، النسب، والديانة. Oh, and one last thing: if you doubt us, we won’t hesitate to eliminate you. The third episode gives us our look outside the city, so we can see a town built from freedom and poverty, distinct from the strict control of the supposed utopia beyond the walls. He got angry at Shion all the time for his unrealistic views/innocence, but he didn't even follow what he said himself, and seemed like he would rather go with Shion's point of view. It seemed like such an interesting premise at first.And then WHAM the premise ends up being nothing but a background decoration and the whole plot becomes nothing more than gay romance. Yet a few episodes later, all that is trashed for a done-to-death stereotypical gay relationship between the main two characters. The sound is great as well. Not that it's a vital piece to the story or anything, but there are still some moments that might turn you off if you don't enjoy that kind of romance. If you take stock in such things, No. In conclusion, it’s a very bad series, with an awful plot, bad directing, uninteresting characters, lousy finale, and lots of trolling that fools you into thinking it’s going to be a serious story. 6 has action and suspense--and a little gore--that draws you into the story of a futuristic world that has been ravaged by natural disasters, leaving only six colonies spread throughout the world, with the sixth being the most secretive and overprotective. 6 that make it average, with my seven rating slightly due to the fact I love characters with white hair and red eyes. However, the way the story was executed is what brought the rating up. A bit dodgy at some points, but overall okay. This is a series I just re-watched. Nezumi was ok, but seriously pick a side, does this guy believe the ideals he yells at Shion all the time, or does he (secretly) want to believe the unrealistic, and naiive dreams/opinions Shion holds!? Read 37 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. I still enjoyed it, it's fairly good. But, like with everything in the world, it had it's flaws. Apart from the protagonists, there are other interesting characters like Safu, Dogkeeper or Shions mother. Other Notes: This is a really good anime. I recommend this anime, and if you watch it, watch to the very end. 6 [is] worth your time.” —Anime News Network “No. What are even sillier is how the relationship is the most distinctive aspect of them instead of their personalities. A review of the 1998 anime produced by Studio Gonzo and based on the manga by Satoru Ozawa: BLUE SUBMARINE NO. The Anime needed to create a darker atmosphere(plot was dark material, but didn't seem to have a dark enough atmosphere at times), and create a pacing so that what the audience and Shion 'discovers' about No.6 is more impactful. The story takes place in an ideal city known as "No. Everything looks idyllic on the surface while a horror hides in the shadows and the characters try to cope with it. Furthermore, not even the chemistry between the two heroes is enough to compensate for the lack of everything else, since it’s fairly stereotypical, with nothing worth remembering them for. for people who cannot stand shounen ai. A big part of it had to be the length of the Anime, it just wasn't enough to clear up plot issues and get really solid character development. Rating: Even some of the characters you would think would be static went through changes. I watched all 12 episodes of this anime at a really good friends house at 12 am until 3am? Mother character who loves Shion (hey at least she's not dead), Inukashi and Rikiga who both needed to get fleshed out more, but end up helping Shion. 6 ended at 10 episodes for me. I LOVE YOU, SHION. I think I should read the manga, and see if there is more. I’M WITH YOU, NO MATTER WHAT. Yet a few episodes later, all that is trashed for a done-to-death stereotypical gay relationship between the … This anime didn't feel like an anime. However, it wasn't the soundtrack that really caught my attention. D4DJ: First Mix (2020) 2020-10-31; Amazing animation, lovely voice work--even in the English dub--and great story line. later bringing you to the scenes of action and dystopian surroundings bringing the anime to it's excellence. I hope all the people who check out this series enjoy it. No. 1 year ago. The first two episodes focused on getting to know the setting and the main two characters, with the rest existing for growing their friendship stronger, rather than showing how this crisis can be overcome. Boy, were the fans trolled or what… Most were lured into the show for its very atmospheric and captivating world, all thanks to its very high production values. I've always wanted to watch an action anime where the male leads fall for each other but it isn't a drama or romance show. isn't too hard to get used to. On the run from No. them et al. Praise for the anime: “Sadly beautiful in places, hauntingly violent in others, No. So, I gave this anime an 8.5 overall. (Request an anime for review here.) Overall it was enjoyable, but definately needed a few more episodes. Sitemap. This story had very little, which caught my attention. :D have fun! It kept me interested from start to finish. 6. No.6 is a captivating anime and I can honestly say that after having just watched it twice through.

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