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While it’s aimed at those who want to self-publish, it covers all aspects of the craft and process of writing. The premise of this podcast is there’s never been a better time to be a write. Because the world of publishing is changing: “No more barriers or gatekeepers between you and your reader.”. It’s all about becoming a better writer. But what’s going to happen when Tim finishes his book? Hosted by Kelton Reid, The Writer Files is a long-running podcast that delves deep into habits and... 3. Every Wednesday, Robert Lee Brewer shares a prompt and an example poem to get things started on the Poetic Asides blog. Aspiring writers and authors who want to “kick writing in the butt one word at a time,” as they say at the beginning of each episode. Here are some additional podcasts for writers to check out. Every writer looking to improve their knowledge of the English... 2. If you are interested in this form of writing, you will hang on her every word. The SPA (Self-Publishing Authors) Girls Podcast is presented weekly by four romance and urban fantasy writers from New Zealand. They invite you into their writing world and sweep you up with their passion. Freelancers and copywriters. While the show is no longer running, the episodes are still available and make for compelling listening. Length. On top of that, she’s been … There really are a lot of self publisher and writer podcasts out there with different angles, themes, and even styles.However, in my quest to list the ones below, I used the following criteria: 1. Presented by Kristen Kieffer, an author of fantasy fiction and creative writing resources, The Well-Storied Podcast has been running since early 2017. Because this podcast is for all writers (from beginner to intermediate), it serves up practical advice in bite-size morsels. So, go on. Five-time winner of Best Education Podcast in the Podcast Awards. It’s no wonder writing podcasts have exploded in popularity the last few years — they’re convenient, portable, and packed with valuable insights. The results are weekly snapshots of the successes, failures, processes, and habits of talented writers, and plenty of other ideas worth stealing. It tells the writer what’s working, what’s not, and how to fix it. Any writer or author who wants to self-publish and avoid the same mistakes made by those who came before them. It’s dedicated to helping writers market and sell their book. About Podcast First Draft: A Dialogue on Writing is a weekly show featuring in-depth interviews with fiction, non-fiction, essay, and poetry writers. How to outline and structure your story, and polish your prose? - @kikimojo, “I would tell my younger self, put your ass in that chair, write more things and get them out there.” - @MattFnWallace, “Writers underestimate what they bring to the table. Hosted by the Alliance of Independent Authors, this podcast answers questions submitted by members, including “What if I hire a bad editor?” and “How can I get my books into readers’ hands?” (Length: 20–60 minutes), This podcast deals with practical tips for blogging and promoting your writing. And that takes empathy.” - @Taylor_Stevens, “By studying how others write and use specific grammar styles, you give yourself an opportunity to strengthen your writing in new and exciting ways.” - @GrammarGirl, “I didn’t know that making friends with other writers was going to be so important to my writing journey, but it really has been.” - @StoryADayMay, “Write like no one will ever read it because it will make you braver and more audacious and free.' Presented by British writer and creative writing mentor, Andrew J Chamberlain, this podcast combines practical teaching and interviews with writers, editors, and authors. And she has one of the most interesting backstories in the business. Presented by published writers Angie Powers and Elizabeth Stark, Story Makers Podcast mainly features interviews with other writers, filmmakers, and industry experts. But at its heart, it delivers real gems of advice about the craft of writing. The average length of the episodes is still short and snappy at 19 minutes, but they’re packed full of insight from seasoned writers, who are very smart. The Story Grid is a tool developed by Shawn to analyze stories and provide helpful editorial comments. Recent episodes have included “Symphonic Copywriting With Doug Pew,” “Telling the Truth About Advertising With Bob Hoffman,” and “What Copywriters Need to Know About Design with Lori Haller.”. And if there’s a great writing podcast we missed, be sure to tell us about it in the comments. But whatever your need, know this: you’re not alone. Podcasts Specific for Writers . Self-publishing has been a game-changer for aspiring authors who don't Grammar Girl is a Quick and Dirty Tips podcast. It must be broadcasted consistently – there are many podcasts where the creator fits in an episode when they can. Grammar Girl provides short, friendly tips to improve your writing and feed your love of the English language. Write a new short short story each day in February with daily writing prompts from editor Moriah Richard. Hosted by Jenn Baker and Bev Rivero, this podcast offers a realistic look inside the particular challenges that diverse writers face in the publishing and creative arts spaces. (More on that later.). Essentially, everything you’ll need to hack your way to writer life. Copywriters, bloggers, and content marketers who want to stay up to date with emerging content marketing trends and best practices in copywriting. Listening to podcasts — whether in the car, on the train, or while doing mundane tasks — offers a lot of benefits to motivated SF/F writers: Low cost. This is an essential resource for anyone thinking of publishing their fiction or non-fiction book. 30-60 minutes. Topics cover how-to’s, writing advice, career nuggets, and the highs and lows of being a storyteller. (Length: 10–20 minutes), Not to toot our own horn (OK maybe a little), but did you know that WD recently debuted the first few episodes of a brand-new podcast? The two co-hosts have great chemistry, which leads to a casual half hour, often sprinkled with humor and inspiration. Top authors, editors, and agents serve as guest lecturers. Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing Because it digs deep into the motivation and psyche of a broad range of authors. © 2021 Active Interest Media All Rights Reserved. It delivers honest, practical, and often inspiring advice from a writer who’s been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt, all while raising 5 children. Aspiring writers and authors who want to know everything about the writing life. 1. (Length: 15-45 minutes), While this podcast is no longer creating new episodes, past episodes provide a feel for the community and community members’ work. Want to improve your craft and become a better writer? Writers and bloggers who have a fascination for the origin of English words, and want to sharpen their skills when it comes to grammar and sentence structure. Susan interviews marketers and publishers, and presents proven strategies, tools, ideas, and tips. Subscribe to these writing podcasts 1. The Well-Storied Podcast is part of Kristen Kieffer’s Well-Storied platform that every writer should be familiar with. Here are our favorites—let us know if you have any additional suggestions! Aspiring writers who are looking for encouragement and inspiration to write every day. #18: 88 Cups of … 21. We’ve listened to over 80 hours of different episodes from around the world to compile this epic list of the best writing podcasts. Hearing writers you love admit they also struggle is oddly comforting. You self-publish your book and create your own platform for marketing and selling it. The current theme is worldbuilding. The weekly episodes cover everything from improving your writing skills to publishing, book marketing, and making a living as a writer. It’s presented by two Brits: Mark Dawson, a renowned success story in the self-publishing industry, and James Blatch, a wannabe author who is currently writing his first novel. There’s a whole community of like-minded writers out there, just waiting to provide you with the support, insight, and motivation you need. Together, they explore all topics in the world of self-publishing, with a focus on actionable tips for new and experienced indie authors. Episode schedule is intermittent, with new episodes sometimes published weekly, but usually monthly. Writers of every persuasion who are looking for a nurturing and inspiring community of like-minded souls. Weiland’s blog by the same name, this podcast will be of special interest to writers working on outlines and story structure. And if you choose to do it yourself by going down the independent publishing route, there’s a lot you’ll need to learn about marketing, design, and distribution. So, what are you waiting for? The Writer Files is hosted by Kelton Reid, who studies the “habits, habitats, and brains” of writers to learn their secrets of productivity and creativity. Thankfully, you won’t be short on great advice from those who have done it before. The Writer's Digest team has witnessed many writing mistakes over the years, so we're starting this series to help identify them for other writers (along with strategies for avoiding the mistake). In recent episodes, she’s discussed dangling participles, what it’s like to be an editor and translator, and how to find work as a freelance writer. It includes the line, “It’s hard work but the perks are fun and exciting; Facebook will still be there when you’re done writing.”. Some Podcasts to Try. (Length: 30 minutes–1 hour 30 minutes), Directed primarily towards writers of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and speculative fiction generally, this podcast balances a friendly, casual tone with thoughtful, professional advice. Writing podcasts to inspire you, support you, and help you find your tribe. Podcasts for writers are a welcome guiding light in the ever-changing world of writing and publishing. It airs weekly, with new ... 2. The ability to create content is an important part of being able to scale a business.” - @EdGandia, “You want your copy to sound like you’re talking with friends. Here are our favorites—let us know in the comments if you have any additional suggestions! Zero to Book ran for 26 episodes during 2016 and followed the process of turning an idea into a published book in real time. The Author Hustle with Shaunta Grimes. (Length: 1 hour), The audio version of K.M. Don't miss it! Plus, we have a bonus writing podcast at the end. This monthly podcast is stuffed full of tools, techniques, and inspiration to help you overcome your self-doubt and fear of writing. Write Minded describes itself as “weekly inspiration for writers.”. Learn about the origins of various sayings and slang through fun conversations. We all need information to help us hone our craft, we all crave inspiration when we’re feeling blocked, and we’re all short on time. Recent episodes have discussed burnout, how to handle it when someone steals your idea, and affirmations for writers. The round table discussion format of the writing excuses podcast, combined with the knowledge of the participants, make this one of the best podcasts for writers out there. Odyssey is an intensive six-week workshop for writers of fantasy, science fiction, and horror held each summer on the campus of Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire. It’s like listening to friends hanging out in a café talking about writing and publishing. It provides useful insights into the methods and practices of the writers we’d like to emulate. Bloggers and content creators. Where to Start. Host Jeff Rutherford interviews published authors who share their writing experiences and life stories. Welcome to Episode 56- How A.R. Presented in a conversational tone by Hugo Award Finalist, Mur Lafferty, and co-host Matt Wallace, Ditch Diggers is raw and honest and often sprinkled with colorful language. Illustrators, this one is for you. So, you’ve got to break these stodgy old grammar rules.” - @copywriterclub, “Listening is one of the most powerful things that any kind of writer can do.” - @soniasimone & @copyblogger, “There are enough clients out there who are willing to pay what you’re worth if you market yourself right.” - @hotcopypodcast, “Your positioning needs to drive a stake in the ground and say this is where I shine, this is where I add the most value.” - @steveslaunwhite, “Like many of the great ironclad writing rules, ‘show-don’t-tell’ is not only not ironclad, it’s really squishy.” - @WritingExcuses, “The truth is what makes a reader want to read a story.” - @wrtgclassradio, “My estimate is that as much as 75% of what is referenced as writer's block is really just plot block.” - @KMWeiland, “Don’t let the fear of a messy, awkward first attempt stop you from trying.” - @annkroeker, “The fact is that the creative act requires blue-collar effort 99% of the time.” - @StoryGrid, “Sometimes you just have to be brave enough to jump and know that the universe is going to catch you.” - @writerstoolbelt, “Your villains and heroes can only be as real and authentic as you, the author, is capable of creating them. 15 min Plus, you get a written transcript with every episode. Did you know Smart Blogger has launched a podcast? 3 Point Perspective: The Illustration Podcast. There are episodes about thriller writers, poets, screenwriters, and … Kristen sets out to encourage and inspire fiction writers across all aspects of the writing life. For example, recent episodes have included: “Facebook Ads with Maria Luis,” “Learn Dictation with Kilby Blades,” and “How to Write a Regency Romance.”. Plus, each episode comes with full show notes and links to resources. Copyblogger FM is hosted on Rainmaker.fm — a podcast network from the people behind Copyblogger. Occasionally, writers will read excerpts from their novels. Writing Smarter Radio is a 15-minute podcast for writers who are short on time but want a quick burst of motivation. Bloggers and authors who are ready to market themselves online. (Length: 5–40 minutes), This only site included in 101 Best Websites for Writers whose primary purpose is featuring the podcast. We’re just getting started, so we’d love for you to suggest a podcast guest! High-Income Business Writing Podcast … It’s just panicking, but it’s convincing.” - @Elizabeth_Stark @storymakersshow, “It’s all about serving your story.” - @brooke_warner, “Writing advice is like a buffet, take what you like… Leave everything else behind.” - @SarahRPainter, “I think publishing loves the overnight success story narrative, but it’s never really the truth.” - @WriteOrDiePod @claribel_ortega @KatCho, “When you get close to publishing, you have to get someone to read it who is going to give you the absolute truth.” - @spagirlspodcast, “Success is nothing magical. Recent episodes have tackled topics such as generating emotion in your reader, what happens when you let plot drive your characters, and the importance of understanding your audience. 15 minute bites of genius. (Length: 30–45 minutes). Author Robert Jones, Jr. discusses the inspiration that led him to write his debut novel and how he stayed focused on the heart of his story during the writing process. So pull up a chair and a cup of tea, and enjoy! For more information, visit http://www.odysseyworkshop.org. Writers who want to be inspired by other writers’ stories, and who want to pick up some valuable writing techniques along the way. This week, compel a character to perform a task. Often funny and brash, the girls are bitingly honest about the real, unglamorous side of writing. Find out more at writersdigest.com/podcast. Or rather, it originated from a writing class and continues to broadcast real-life stories from students and any aspiring writer who wants to submit their story. Anyone who loves to write, but needs a nugget or two of inspiration to keep going. Authors of fiction and non-fiction. Or, dip in and out of a couple of categories to get a feel for content and style before you subscribe to your favorites. Most weeks, Joanna Penn interviews an author or expert on a particular topic; #3: I … And they love to champion the underdog. Established and emerging writers who want to reach their writing goals. So where do you begin? 5. ‘The podcast that says what you’re thinking but too afraid to say.’ This three-woman fronted show showcases the latest African writing in a chat format showcasing both popular and unpopular opinions. Award-winning author Charles Yu explains why his latest work is a Scribd Original and how his characters' voices help him navigate form. (Length: 30–45 minutes), Stay up to date on new books and happenings in the publishing world with interviews and more from Kirkus Reviews. Writing Excuses. (Length: 30 minutes), Build a better blog through case studies and actionable challenges from the man behind ProBlogger, Darren Rowse. Tim is both brave and lucky. Pamela successfully published her book, Master Content Marketing: A Simple Strategy to Cure the Blank Page Blues and Attract a Profitable Audience (affiliate link), in late 2016. Because Susan asks the right questions, puts her guests at ease, and presents a professional half-hour, chock full of actionable advice. Fiction writers looking for an experienced and down to earth mentor who delivers actionable advice in spades. Sarah focuses on finding a healthy work, life, and writing balance, by talking about writing struggles, breakthroughs, and sharing writing tips and secrets. Ann delivers each episode in a light, easy-to-listen-to tone and instills confidence as she breezes through her topics and interviews. It sets creativity challenges, ... #17: Beautiful Writers Podcast. Finding a publishing company isn’t the only way to get your work out there anymore. Recent episodes have tackled topics such as moving from “making a living” to driving real revenue, how to reenergize your email list, and the reasons good writers sometimes have trouble finding good clients. I guarantee I've left out some amazing offerings, but we'll ask readers to add their recommendations in the comments section. This one is for freelance writers who specialize in the business to business (B2B) niche. It’s the complete compilation. And because each episode comes with a “writing action” — a set of instructions based on the theme of the discussion to make you think about, and practice, your skills as a writer. Start with these great podcasts for writers of children’s literature. Recent posts have included “Finding Support” and “Goals vs. Reality.”. They’ve got your back. 5. This year, to accompany our annual list of 101 Best Websites for Writers in the May/June issue of Writer's Digest, we decided to put together a list of what we think are the best podcasts for writers. Mignon describes herself as “your friendly guide to the English language: writing, history, rules and cool stuff,” and that’s exactly what she delivers. Because this one doesn’t sweep the struggles and challenges under the rug. Leaving aside the practical advice from the lived experience of the two presenters, you’re going to love the podcast’s funky theme tune. Recent episodes include “Pen Names: Should You Use One?” and “How Much Does It Cost to Self-Publish a Book?” (Length: 15–45 minutes), This podcast is great for writers looking for interviews that provide inspiration, motivation and validation—and what writer doesn’t need a bit of that? This is surprisingly one of the best podcasts for writers, because Barnes and Nobel has access to the best-of-the-best when it comes to new and seasoned authors. The weekly podcast reinforces the blog post, featuring in-depth discussions of topics like character arcs, structuring a book series, writing voice, and more. was created in 2015 by actor, producer and writer, Yin Chang. Because it’s honest, personable (listen to the Burned Out, Exhausted, and Overwhelmed episode), and very motivating. Writing Routines It’s packed with useful writing tips and tools. 88 Cups of Tea (what a great name!) Launched in 2008, it began introducing season-long themes in 2015, each one focused on a different aspect of the writing process. B2B writers who want to grow their business and improve their writing skills. It’s all about the craft of writing. Writing, in general, can be a lonely business, but listening to the Copywriting Club makes you feel connected, inspired, and educated. While they don’t post too often, they do have consistent uploads every two weeks max, so you’ll have something new to consume (in order to further put off your writing, I’m sure). It’s self-described as a safe space for storytellers to ”learn and feel empowered, inspired, and motivated.”. The Writer Files The host of this podcast, Kelton Reid, considers the processes and habits of different writers, providing you with great ideas on how to boost your creativity and productivity. A conversation with New Zealand writer Steff Green, Episode 179: The Value of a Wandering Mind for Authors, Interview with Seth Godin: This is Marketing, S. A. Chakraborty: On Finding Joy in Your Craft, How to Get Out of Your Own Way, featuring Garth Stein, Episode #49: Kate Harrison ‘I Still Get Imposter Syndrome’, Episode #173: How To Identify Your Writing Weaknesses, Episode #165: How to Use Simple Habits to Become Enormously successful, Episode #169: Six Indie Mistakes to Avoid – with Alessandra Torre, How Reading Critically Can Improve Your Writing, How to Make a Living as a Pro Content Marketer, Verbalize: Strengthen Your Writing With The Power Of Words With Damon Suede, Name Your Book: How to Go From a Working Title to a Title That Works, Master Content Marketing: A Simple Strategy to Cure the Blank Page Blues and Attract a Profitable Audience. Hosted by Kirsten Oliphant, Create If Writing is a weekly podcast for writers and bloggers who want to build an online platform “without being smarmy.”. In fact, there’s a whole episode about why they love writing. For writers, there are three general types of podcasts: book clubs, interviews, and writing craft—though many are combinations. LAUNCH DATE: OCTOBER 10, 2020. Weiland, each episode focuses on a different aspect of the craft of writing. 31 Writing Podcasts You’ve GOT to Hear (Best of 2020) #16: Story-A-Day Podcast. The podcast must have 50+ shows – proves it stable enough and worked out its real identity and niche in the market. Nothing wrong with … And for those who prefer to read the interviews, there’s a downloadable transcript. This year, to accompany our annual list of 101 Best Websites for Writers, we decided to put together a list of what we think are the best podcasts for writers. Pod.link will show you a list of podcast apps so you can choose the one that works best for you. Episodes are interspersed with “Coffee Breaks,” which are conversations with other writers. The Copywriter Club is hosted by Kira Hug and Rob Marsh, who interview talented copywriters, copy editors, and other professional content creators. Her friendly style takes writers by the hand and helps them learn from her experiences, insights, and mistakes. , productivity, mindset, and publishes posts on creativity and even neuroscience is! Special interest to writers working on outlines and story structure their story concept. Their copywriting skills and writing business to business ( B2B ) niche February Flash fiction Challenge SPA ( self-publishing ). Life stories Karen ( K.M. everything a B2B writer wants to self-publish and avoid the respect! Topics in the business creative processes of great writers helping writers market and their. Minded describes itself as “ weekly inspiration for writers. podcasts for writers podcasts because there is an award-winning, York., how to outline and structure your story, and tease out a podcast... And sweep you up with their passion the perfect tone for this empathetic and comforting podcast and making a as... And sometimes tear-jerking, but we 'll ask readers to add their recommendations in the genre! To handle it when someone steals your idea, and publishes posts on creativity and even neuroscience and in. The winner of best Education podcast in the ASJA store Karen ( K.M. your new best friend champion... Discussed burnout, how to handle it when someone steals your idea, and here it.... Outlining and editing, agents, publishing, book marketing podcasts for writers is a tool by. Young debut authors, Claribel Ortega and Kat Cho we have a bonus writing podcast at the end and... Interest to writers working on outlines and story structure what you love and inspire fiction writers who want grow... And wisdom of published authors published writers and book authors # 1: Bestseller, cover..., ideas, work processes, their craft, and here it is Steve Campbell writing craft—though are! All of the writing process while it ’ s dedicated to helping writers market sell! Largest Websites podcasts for writers to helping writers market and sell their book the we... Compelling listening K.M. into a published book in real time Files podcast covers topics ranging writing. Your self-published book, and you should opt for the best advice and to! Ve GOT to Hear ( best of 2020 ) # 16: Story-A-Day.. Is your new best friend and champion a cup of Tea ( what a name... Instills confidence as she breezes through her podcast 18: 88 Cups of … to!, techniques, and their writing goals two confident and polished writers, but monthly. Massive array of subjects — from deep-dives into micro-topics to broad interviews successful! Persuasion who are looking for ways to increase podcasts for writers productivity fix it aimed at those who to! Processes, their mindset, and focusing in on craft-level kid lit choices, how write... Reference source, but wow, what great advice he ’ s podcast! A cup of Tea, and counsel writer Files is a weekly dose of inspiration and! Of inspiration to write and publish a book podcast as a safe space storytellers. Children ’ s not, and word-nerds alike of content marketing trends and best practices in.. Episodes broadcast to date, you ’ re not alone from their peers we 'll ask readers to add recommendations... In on craft-level kid lit choices first draft subscribers and 4 million readers, Smart Blogger has launched a guest. First ever February Flash fiction Challenge will read excerpts from their novels with. And editing, building characters, and counsel knows her stuff barriers or between... Podcast podcasts for writers and agents serve as guest lecturers and motivated. ” this is no! That made it onto our 101 best Websites for writers who are looking for to...

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