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They applied every effort to eliminate the institution of slavery wherever it existed. Urban VIII consecrated the new St. Peter's Basilica on November 18, 1626, and commissioned the famous sculptor and architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini (d.1680) and other artists to beautify the basilica and the streets and piazzas of Rome. Joining the Jesuits at the age of 20, he arrived in what is now Venezuela and Colombia, he saw the inhumanity of In 1639 Pope Urban VIII banned slavery in the colonies of Spain and Portugal; King Philip IV of Spain accepted the orders of the Church and ordered the liberation of the natives, but not the Africans. Most notably, in 1639, he was the first pope to prohibit slavery of any kind in Paraguay, Brazil and the West Indies. Pius II, Paul III, Gregory XIV, Urban VIII, Innocent XI, Benedict XIV, Pius VII and others. In 1642 Pope Urban VIII prohibited the enslavement of the indigenous inhabitants of Brazil, Paraguay and the West Indies. They applied every effort to eliminate the institution of slavery wherever it existed. 1629 to 1661 CE: Pope Urban VIII in 1629, Pope Innocent X in 1645 and Pope Alexander VII in 1661 were all personally involved in the purchase of Muslim slaves. In 1462 Pope Pius II declared slavery to be "a great crime" (magnum scelus). Christians Led the Anti-Slavery and Civil Rights Movements. Unlike the earlier papal letters, these … Even though Pope Urban VIII reversed the pronouncements of his predecessors by declaring slavery unacceptable in the mid-seventeenth century, the vast majority of Protestant Christians in America considered slavery and white supremacy to be absolutely consistent with “biblical” Christianity. Department of Education IX. Also, Pope Gregory XVI in a Bull of Dec. 3, 1839, similarly prohibited slavery. Countering the widespread misconception that slavery existed only on plantations, and that urban areas were immune from its impacts, Slavery in the City is the first volume to deal exclusively with the impact of North American slavery on urban design and city life during the antebellum period. Slavery presented a new challenge to the Church. Among them St. Gregory the Great, Hadrian I, Alexander III, Innocent III, Gregory IX, Pius II, Leo X, Paul III, Urban VIII, Benedict XIV, Pius VII, and Gregory XVI stand out. He expanded the papal territory by force of arms and advantageous politicking, and was also a prominent patron of the arts and a … The last, … Pope Gregory XIV, 1591, Pope Urban VIII, 1639, and Pope Benedict XIV, 1741 also condemned slavery. n original name Maffeo Barberini. But then in 1639, at the insistence of the Jesuits in Paraguay, where the Spaniards where enslaving the indigenous peoples, Pope Urban VIII issued another bull confirming what Paul had decreed and adding strength to it. Pope Urban VIII renewed that teaching in his bull Commissum nobis condemning those who reduce others to slavery to excommunication. Although slavery is as old as history, the discovery of the Americas, and the triangular trade with Africa, brought it to new levels. Urban VIII (1623–1644) condemned all slavery, including that of blacks, and the Inquisition (Holy Office) followed suit in 1686. In 1537, Pope Paul III issued the Bull Sublimis Deus that condemned slavery. ABOLITION OF SLAVERY . 15 Luraghi, Rise and fall of the plantation South, chs. Slaves can be held against their will from the time of their capture, purchase or birth, and deprived of the right to leave, to refuse to work, or to demand compensation. The need for cheap and abundant labor in the colonies is what led to the African slave trade. one can search in vain through the interventions of the holy See-those of Pius V, Urban VIII and Benedict XIV-for any condemnation of the actual principle of slavery." And it wasn’t until the early modern period, after the Protestant Reformation which severely marginalized the teaching authority of the Catholic Church, that slavery starts to reappear in …

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