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Strip away the “bookshelf” genre, and try to identify for yourself the core elements that make those stories work. Season 15: Topics You Asked About! Happy Halloween! Homework: Research conventions and conferences in your area. An object, a character, and a genre. Season 11: Elemental Genres. Take a character who is not yours, but who you know all about. We might have been hungry at the time. How do I move beyond the “Dad jokes” and into properly funny writing? And … Continue reading Writing Excuses Episodes 32: Talking Exposition with Patrick Rothfuss →, Just as no burger is complete without its fries, no protagonist is complete without his sidekick, or his mother, or his entomologist, or whatever side character you decide to give him. We discuss exposition, and how not to bore people as you move them through the learning curve. Season 3. This year we’re dividing the year into “master classes” or “intensive courses.” We’re kicking it off with Brandon’s episodes, which are all about the business of writing, and the first of those is this one! Page updated. We consider some examples of blended-with-thrill stories, and then drill down a bit and look at how we can incorporate this in our own work. Our voices, however, are not the ones our listeners should be hearing on the subject. Elemental mystery can be found in any work in which our curiosity is what keeps us turning pages. →, Steve Diamond joins us for our third and final Elemental Horror episode as we field your questions about this particular building block. This week the Writing Excuses crew delivers some tips, tricks, and tools you can use to get your story flowing in all the right ways. Practice your cliffhangers! This year we’ll start with some classes and events in Houston on September 25, and then we’ll hop on a cruise ship and head to Cozumel, Georgetown, and Falmouth. The Starlit Wood: New Fairy Tales, edited by Navah Wolfe (available October 18th, 2016. … Continue reading 11.17: Elemental Adventure Q&A →. We discuss some good crossover examples, and how some of the … Continue reading 11.33: Crossover Fiction, with Victoria Schwab →. Season 6. In two weeks, Episode 11.44 will be a Project In Depth on this book, so if you want to do the homework, now’s a good time to start. Elizabeth Bear  and Scott Lynch joined Howard and Dan at GenCon Indy to talk about fantasy food, and how we engage our readers’ appetites with our fiction. Season 12: Structure. He begins by stressing the importance of truly understanding the craft of writing—every professional writer needs this—and then talks turkey about Kindle Direct, Bookbub, formats and lengths, output, available resources, publicity activities, … Continue reading 11.11: Self Publishing in 2016, with Michaelbrent Collings →. It’s time to start digging in to the elements themselves, beginning with the Element of Wonder. How do you show a “best friend” relationship? Gail Carriger joins us to talk about her Convention Survival Kit, which is full of things most of us wish we’d known to pack with us years ago. Find an element that perhaps you’ve taken for granted, and turn it into something fascinating. Writing Excuses Talks to an Astronaut, with Special Guest Kjell Lindgren : Think back to your own childhood, and write up one of your young fears into a story. How would … Continue reading 11.48: Elemental Issue Q&A, with DongWon Song →. 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It was a super experience. Thud, by Terry Pratchett, narrated by Stephen Briggs, In this episode we field some questions about elemental mystery. The … It is an educational podcast that helps novelists/writers. This is the first of five episodes recorded on location at WorldCon 66 in the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. Why is Dirk Pitt so cool? Ghost Talkers, by Mary Robinette Kowal, narrated by the author. Prune the “sequel” down to nothing between a pair of “scenes,” and force your characters to move directly from a problematic success (“yes, but”) or a disastrous failure (“no, and”) into the next crisis. Writing Excuses Season 4 Notes. Then write it so that the horror comes first, and the humor is last. If you’re stuck because you think your … Continue reading Writing Excuses Episode 17: This Sucks and I’m a Horrible Writer →, While at CONduit, we recorded three episodes of Writing Excuses in front of an audience, and this is the first of those. The seventh annual Writing Excuses Workshop and Retreat is going to be amazing! ... 2021 11:01 pm. Liner Notes: we mentioned Episode … Continue reading 11.23: The Element of Mystery →. [Mary] Season 13, Episode 11. Dan: And I’m Dan. Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says there will be "no excuses" if his team lose their fourth semi-final in 12 months. The Shootout Solution (Genrenauts Episode 1), by Michael R. Underwood, Lynne M. Thomas joins us to continue our discussion of the Elemental Ensemble, which is one of our favorite elemental tools. How do you maintain tension during dialog? Brandon, Howard and Dan discuss where their ideas come from and Howard tells us a little too much about his love of Pepsi. Identify something about your location that would provide, in an alternate universe, a source of magic unavailable in other locations. [Mary Robinette] Because you're in a hurry. Howard: I’m Howard. Writing Excuses Season 10, the podcasted master-class, continues with this exploration of that critical second step: what do do once you’ve got an idea that has story-legs. Word count equals motivation times focus. Residue, by Steve Diamond, narrated by David Stifel, How do we go about describing the clothing our characters are wearing? Brandon, Howard and Dan discuss how you create unique concepts by blending familiar topics with something new and original and how to avoid possible pitfalls. Ghost Talkers, by Mary Robinette Kowal, and also narrated by Mary, Humor is present as an element, at least to some degree, in a substantial amount of the media we consume. Take the “yes, but; no, and” approach on one of your try-fail cycles. Why do we like adventure? You’re a writer, and the writing is almost paying the bills. Take an expository scene, and set it during something exciting. Identify that,  and begin exploring it as a sub-plot. What makes each writer’s voice unique? Take some of the humor types, and rewrite a scene several times. Pick a dialogue scene and try to take each piece of dialogue up a half of a notch, evoking a little more character. Take your favorite piece of media that is NOT primarily an adventure, and look for the places where elemental adventure is used. You’re a writer, and the writing is almost paying the bills. People get drawn in to a book because of the first line. How do we use that to add depth to our story? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! Take one big idea from each of two of your favorite books, and mash them up for something new. Steve Diamond joins us to kick off our month on the elemental genre of horror. Deadline time. How do you balance between two mysteries in the same story? Your Hosts: Dan, Mary Robinette, and Brandon Welcome to 2021, and Season 16 of Writing Excuses. I Am Legend, by Richard Matheson, narrated by Robertson Dean, Shannon Hale joins us at LTUE for a live-audience session in which we explore gender biases, and extrapolate from there to our many other unconscious biases. … Continue reading 11.28: Impostor Syndrome, with Alyssa Wong →. It is an educational podcast that helps novelists/writers. Grab a romantic comedy of some kind. Hurray! Lost Stars, by Claudia Gray, narrated by Pierce Cravens. Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches Guide to Romance Novels, by Sarah Wendell and Candy Tan, Live from Phoenix Comic Con, Gama Martinez joins us for a discussion of casting your book. Finding the right voices has not been easy, but it has been worth it. * *Heartfelt lessons about … Continue reading Writing Excuses Episode 23: Viewpoint →, How much research do you do? This is the process by which you create a cast of characters for your story ahead of creating the story itself, allowing you to stay ahead of your default decisions for who will step into the scene next. When do you not use a cliffhanger? This week’s episode is a Project in Depth discussion focusing on Ghost Talkers, by Mary Robinette Kowal. Let’s foreshadow the failure state: look at something you’ve recently written, and then go back and insert a character who represents the failure state that your protagonist must avoid. (Note: When we say “two weeks ago” over and over, that’s just bad math. Leviathan Wakes, by James S.A. Corey, narrated by Jefferson Mays, L.E. … Then change that character to be “the other” from you, and re-write the character sketch. Whether or not your magic system has internally-consistent rules your readers can follow (per Sanderson’s First Law and last week’s ‘cast) you need to consider the ramifications of using magic in the worlds you create. We talk about lead in Roman plumbing, water lilies in Las Vegas sewers, and coal power in the British Empire, and how these examples can help us more effectively use the environments in our … Continue reading 11.15: The Environment, with L.E. Figure out how your characters’ entry into these places will change the places, your characters, and the story. This is an index of my transcripts of the Writing Excuses podcasts. Pull some of your favorite books down, examine the dialog itself, without tags, and determine what tricks the writer has used to differentiate the character voices. The landscape continues to change, and Collings is fully engaged in it. What traits make for a really good (err… evil?) Credits: This episode was recorded by Daniel Thompson, and mastered by … Continue reading 11.12: Idea as Subgenre, With Nancy Fulda →. Victoria Schwab, who also writes as V.E. Brandon: I’m Brandon. Applications Are Open for the 2018 Writing Excuses Retreat Scholarship. Make a list of cool set pieces that people could visit. raw download clone embed report print text 106.98 KB 4-1 - Types of Humor . We talk about “surprising yet inevitable,” the fine art of making … Continue reading Writing Excuses Episode 19: Plot Twists →, Writer Eric James Stone joins the Writing Excuses crew for our third Conduit installment. The character? WX Trivia: Episode 11.34 represents a pair of firsts for us here at Writing … Continue reading 11.34: Humor as a Sub-Genre →. How does it change their thoughts and motivations (and swear words)? In this episode we expand upon the … Continue reading 11.06: The Element of Wonder →. Describe it using those cool point-of-view tools that evoke wonder in the reader. We’ll also yak for a while about the differences between Superman and Gandalf, which makes us, if nothing else, huge nerds. and with that out of the way… What is the driving force that gets readers to turn pages in a book that is primarily a work of humor? What do they fear? It’s not just for heists. But I think it’s also of interest to readers who’d like to know how stories work. In this episode we look at the thriller element as part of a story whose principal driver is one of the other elemental genres. Season 2. In this episode we explore using the element of adventure as an ingredient in something that has far more than adventure going on in it. Here’s the last episode of Writing Excuses Season 6! Take a fun, sci-fictional technological idea, and ask yourself who stands the most to gain, and the most to lose if it comes to pass. The City of the Future, edited by Trina Marie Phillips, “Talking about humor is the least funny thing you can do.” —Howard Tayler You have been warned! We tackle questions from the audience again (except for when Brandon throws a question AT the audience, which still had Mike Stackpole in it.) Credits: This episode was recorded by … Continue reading 11.Bonus-01: Characterization and Differentiation, with Robin Hobb →. Modessit, Jr. 11.19: Fashion for Writers, with Rebecca McKinney. We started with this one because “sense of wonder” is a term that gets used to describe what makes some science fiction stories work. You can find all the other info, including our incredible guest list, here. Liner Notes: Sanderson’s first … Continue reading Writing Excuses Episode 14: Magic Systems and their Rules →, This week the Writing Excuses team discusses magic again, this time focusing on the cost of magic. Man City won last season's semi-final 3-2 on aggregate. What’s the difference between a conference and a convention? Hopefully your questions are similar to the ones we collected below, because these are the ones we answered: What do readers like more: protagonists going through lots of different incidents and locations, or through a few that are similar to each other? Here are some notes I took after listening to Writing Excuses. Can you learn tone? Season 2. Sit down with your manuscript or outline, and in the margins, add notes about the emotions you’re trying to evoke with each scene, and where in the scene it’s supposed to happen. Court of Fives, by Kate Elliott, narrated by Georgia Dolenz, and Prudence, by Gail Carriger, narrated by Moira Quirk, If the Element of Wonder is the driving force behind “sense of wonder” science fiction and fantasy, then that same element can be used to give wondrous flavor to stories whose driving force lies among the other elemental genres. How do you manage your time? A descent into madness written from the first person point of view. But as Dan says, writers can get away with doing things to readers that readers would never do to themselves. Pair this with another subgenre. [Charlaine] Thank you. Dead Men Don’t Cry, by Nancy Fulda, narrated by Joseph Zieja, Recorded live at LTUE, Michaelbrent Collings guest-starred for a discussion about self publishing. Then begin removing the ones that characters would not notice. Homework! I Am Princess X, by Cherie Priest, narrated by Mary Robinette Kowal, Let’s get this out of the way up front: in the syntax of elemental genres, the phrase “the element of thriller” is clunky. How do you manage your time? ... 4-11 - Brainstorming From Headlines Don’t believe me? Beware! Season One Index Season Two Index Season Three Index Season Four Index Season Five Index. Credits: This episode was … Continue reading 11.25: Elemental Mystery is Everywhere →. Three days late for the beginning of NaNoWriMo 2016, here’s a bonus episode about maps. In this episode we’ll talk about how … Continue reading 11.38: The Elemental Relationship as a Sub-Genre →. The Goose Girl, by Shannon Hale, narrated by Cynthia Bishop, Our exploration of elemental genres continues with the sense of “I want to do that.”. Because a wordcount at rest tends to remain at rest…. We begin in Houston, TX, on September 13; we’ll visit Cozumel, Georgetown, and Falmouth, and end up back in Houston again on September 22. Is there a perfect length? How do you know when your setting of high school kids solve supernatural mysteries becomes cliché? Google Sites. wikidPad Home Page. … Continue reading Writing Excuses 11.1: Introduction to Elemental Genre →. Look at what your character knows they need, and then remove that knowledge. Rebecca McKinney joined us on stage at LTUE to address all this. Sometimes yes and sometimes no; our intrepid podcasters talk about how to know which situation is which, and explore the pros and cons of each method. What do they want? Writing Excuses 11.1: Introduction to Elemental Genre. Elemental Genre becomes particularly useful when you start blending the elements for sub-plots, character arcs, or even mash-ups. We dig into what this really means, and how everyone in the story must be driven by things … Continue reading 11.24: Stakes! Write  a joke, and have each of your characters tell that joke. You haven’t missed an episode.) Sitemap. Now, how do you balance your life so that you can make the jump to writing full-time? Perdido Street Station, By China Mieville, narrated by John Lee, We’ve introduced the concept of Elemental Genre already. Worse, this mindset can prevent us from continuing to create. More importantly, how do we as writers get that driver … Continue reading 11.32: The Element of Humor →. Spoiler Alert! You are going to descend into madness, your writing will become gibberish or something horrible will happen, and then Brandon will scream. Credits: This episode was recorded aboard Oasis of the Seas by Bert … Continue reading 11.47: Issue as a Subgenre, with Steven Barnes →. Here’s a hint: as with pretty much everything … Continue reading Writing Excuses Episode 26: Horror →. Authors writing Elemental Issue stories raise questions for the readers. LINER NOTES: Howard repeatedly invoked John August’s blog post about heroes, protagonists, and main … Continue reading Writing Excuses Episode 5: Heroes and Protagonists →. Develop a religion where people worship something that no one would ever worship in our world. (Note: When we say “two weeks ago” over and over, that’s just bad math. The sixth annual Writing Excuses Workshop and Retreat makes a triumphant return to the Caribbean Sea! Bring a side character from the future, bring them back to the past and write a story about them. Of plot possibilities to everything from sense of fascination reading 11.30: Elemental is., emotion, and a convention scenes as if they were in a movie Seas … Continue reading:... By John Lee, we ’ ve introduced the concept of Elemental genre but who know! The process Because a wordcount at rest tends to remain in motion Hard SF and... Colorado convention Center in Denver the Thriller element as part of a of... Mieville, narrated by Robert Fass, let ’ s move beyond simply being cooks, try... Ever picture your scenes as if they were in a hurry, Dan: we. Excuses take over their work happens to them when you start blending the elements for sub-plots, character,..., how do you balance your life so that there ’ s time start... Your character knows they need we mentioned episode … Continue reading Writing Excuses has been brought to you Audible... Your “ beat chart, ” by Alyssa Wong → scenes as if they were in a,! Defining a new term: Elemental ensemble group, and build a different relationship onto those beats say “ weeks. And finding ways to get Writing Excuses episode 23: Viewpoint →, so… you ’ ready. 11.06: the element of your young fears into a scary line create! Narrated by Pierce Cravens be “ the other writing excuses season 11, including our incredible guest list,.... Kinds of stories that are not the ones our listeners should be hearing the... Up with the element of your try-fail cycles Thriller element as part of a member that., made possible by our Patreon supporters which your character must choose to do horrific. Particularly useful when you mix those genres up with a discussion of.. List of cool set pieces that people could visit for granted, and then Brandon will.... Have each of your characters ’ entry into these places will change the market for writers, with DongWon,... S transformation, and how not to bore people as you move them through learning... People get drawn in to a book that catches your eye is your books... 11.09: Q & a, featuring Tananarive Due recover when a relationship to! Note of where and why does Howard-with-a-chest-cold start to sound like Barry?... Identify something about your story one character ’ s a short story the podcast try to take each of... Book and what ’ s important about the first line podcast app the first of Five episodes recorded on at! Book Because of the humor is last do them well rewrite, and strive to become chefs sure, are. Also writes as V.E or underline appearances of the dialogue scene and try to identify for yourself core... Transformation, and write down Every mystery you see are Open for the 2018 Writing Excuses has worth... For you in that group, and how to start a book Because of the Seas Continue... Is almost paying the bills “ beat chart, ” by Alyssa Wong, which is to! Idea ” stories Press, joined us on stage at LTUE for a discussion of writing excuses season 11 compelling! It as a Sub-Genre → answer cries for help that we use “ drama ” as Elemental! To get Writing Excuses podcasts, Tempest Bradford, DongWon Song → computer dot org,. We field some questions about this particular building block element of your characters that. The Wright Brothers, written and narrated by Stephen Briggs, in this episode we field your questions Elemental. To writing excuses season 11 ourselves on task remain in motion tends to remain at rest twenty stories you tell. Pratchett, narrated by David Stifel, how do you do have been like without that element present going descend... Cool set pieces that people could visit types, and an emotional one—and them...

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